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Influenza A

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  • Early-season influenza B dominance—why it's hard on kids
  • Seven-year-old girl dies of liver, kidney failure after testing negative for influenza
  • Influenza B/Victoria Strain Predominating 2019-20 US Flu Season Thus Far
  • What Is Type B Flu Virus? Symptoms of Influenza Strain Spreading Across U.S.
  • Why the number of child deaths from flu is up so much this year
  • Influenza-Problemvirus schürt Sorgen
  • Neelofa In Quarantine After Contracting Influenza A Virus
  • Local Celeb Neelofa Down With Influenza A Now In Quarantine
  • Neelofa hospitalised over Influenza A
  • Neelofa hospitalised over Influenza A
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