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  • AOA's ex member Mina says she suffered a decade of bullying from leader Jimin
  • K-pop girl group AOA's leader Jimin quits following allegations of bullying
  • Jimin leaves AOA after Mina accuses unnamed bandmate of bullying
  • Breaking: Jimin Leaves AOA
  • AOA's Jimin Posts Apology Following Mina's Allegations About Bullying + Mina Responds
  • Former AOA member Mina instagrams evidence of self-harm in response to Jimin's denial of alleged bullying
  • Woori Actors Releases Statement Regarding Health And Future Plans Of Former AOA Member Mina
  • Former AOA member Mina accuses leader Jimin of bullying her for a decade
  • Mina accuses former AOA bandmate, believed to be Jimin, of bullying
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